Best Survival Shows on Netflix for a Doomsday Prepper

Netflix Prepper Shows

Being a 3 day doomsday prepper means always looking for shows about prepping and survival. Netflix is full of great survival dramas, docuseries, and reality shows. You can learn and be entertained by them. They are perfect for anyone interested in global catastrophes or in the power of nature.

“Designated Survivor” is great for politics, while “The Walking Dead” excels at post-apocalyptic survival. Netflix doesn’t stop at dramas; it has reality shows like “Alone” and “Outlast” too. These shows test how well people can survive in different situations.

No prepper’s list is complete without nature’s shows. “Earthstorm” and “72 Dangerous Animals Latin America” show nature’s extreme power. They take you through dangerous weather and show you wild animals to watch for.

But wait, there’s more than just serious shows. Netflix also has upbeat shows with survival tips. “MeatEater” and “Southern Survival Outdoor Gear. Tested.” mix fun with useful advice. They’re great for people who love the outdoors or want to learn more about survival.

So, get your bug-out bag ready and stock up. Netflix offers a variety of thrilling shows. Whether you like scripted dramas, gritty reality challenges, or nature documentaries, you’ll find something perfect. It’s a goldmine for those who enjoy thinking about survival.

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Gripping Survival Dramas on Netflix

Being interested in survival myself, I’m always looking for thrilling survival dramas on Netflix. These shows aren’t just for fun. They also teach important survival lessons. Out of many, two series stand out to me – “Designated Survivor” and “The Walking Dead.”

Designated Survivor: A Political Thriller for Preppers

“Designated Survivor” really hits home for us preparing for the worst. It tells the story of Tom Kirkman. He becomes the unexpected President of the United States after a huge attack. Facing this challenge, Kirkman tries to bring back order.

This show gives doomsday preppers a stark look at what might happen after a disaster. It shows both the immediate chaos and the long-lasting effects. Watching, we see how important it is to be ready for emergencies and disasters.

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The Walking Dead: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

“The Walking Dead” must be on any survival show list. It’s a long-running series about life during a zombie outbreak. The characters fight not just the undead but also the challenges of a broken society.

For preppers, “The Walking Dead” offers valuable survival tips. It highlights the struggles of finding essentials like food and shelter. It also stresses the need for self-reliance and coming together as a community in hard times.

Docuseries Showcasing Nature’s Wrath

This show tells stories of those hit by nature’s worst. It goes from tornados and hurricanes to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Earthstorm links the tales of storm chasers episode, survivors, and first responders. These people faced the natural disasters that can threaten society. Watching it, I see how fragile our world is. It highlights the need to be ready for the worst, like food shortages and emergency impacts.

Earthstorm brings us close to tornados and into hurricanes‘ aftermaths. It shows nature‘s force and people’s strength against it. For me, as a prepper, it’s a wake-up call. It underlines the risks we face globally. It emphasizes the importance of readiness when disaster strikes.

Reality Shows Testing Survival Skills

Netflix is a gold mine for shows testing skills in the wild. “Alone” and “Outlast” stand out for me.

Alone: The Ultimate Test of Wilderness Survival

“Alone” is like Survivorman, dropping people in wild places with just a bit of gear. They have to do everything from finding food to making shelter. The last person can win up to $1 million, making it a big deal on Netflix.

Outlast: Teams Compete in the Alaskan Wilderness

Then there’s “Outlast,” where groups face challenges in the Alaskan wilderness. Instead of being solo, these folks can work together. It’s exciting seeing teams figure things out and grow, for any prepper wanting to get better at survival.

If you like learning bushcraft or just the excitement of reality television, these shows are great. As a doomsday prepper, they’re solid sources of tips and motivation. They help me get ready for any disaster that might happen.

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Prepper Shows on Netflix: Learning from Experts

Being into survival stuff, I’ve learned a lot from the pros. And on Netflix, there are shows that let you into the world of serious survivalists and outdoor experts. Two that shine are “MeatEater” and “Southern Survival Outdoor Gear. Tested.”

MeatEater: Hunting and Fishing for Survival

“MeatEater” isn’t just for survival buffs, but it’s a top pick. Steven Rinella, the host, guides us through the hunting and fishing world. He shows how to dress your catch, cook it, and survive in the wild using skills like foraging and tracking.

Rinella’s view on finding your food sustainably is truly eye-opening. It’s not just educational but also fun to watch. The stunning shots and Rinella’s charm add to the value and make it a worthy watch for anyone serious about survival.

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Southern Survival Outdoor Gear. Tested.: Gear Reviews with Humor

“Southern Survival Outdoor Gear. Tested.” is great for those who want to learn and laugh. This Netflix show has a bunch of folks testing camping, hunting, and emergency gear. They do it with southern jokes and fun.

The show is funny but also very informative. They don’t just talk about gear; they show how it works. From waterproofing a backpack to starting a fire, they make learning practical skills a blast.


Q: What are the best survival shows on Netflix for a doomsday prepper?

A: If you’re a doomsday prepper looking for some entertainment, check out these top survival shows on Netflix that cater to your interests.

Q: How can I find doomsday preppers’ shows to stream on Netflix?

A: You can easily search for doomsday prepper shows on Netflix by typing keywords like “survival show,” “prepper,” or “doomsday” in the search bar.

Q: Are there any new seasons of survival and prepping shows scheduled for 2024?

A: Yes, several new seasons of survival and prepping shows are set to be released in 2024, offering fresh content for fans of the genre.

Q: Which show takes a closer look at American women preppers?

A: “American Women Preppers” is a show that delves into the world of female preppers in the United States, highlighting their preparedness and survival skills.

Q: Why are survival shows considered one of the more interesting genres?

A: Survival shows stand out as one of the more interesting genres due to their focus on practical preparedness, intense scenarios, and captivating storylines.

Q: Is there a show on Netflix that also covers urban survival tactics?

A: Yes, there are shows on Netflix that explore urban survival tactics, providing viewers with valuable insights on surviving in city environments.

Q: What is the premise of the show ‘Doomsday Preppers’ on Netflix?

A: “Doomsday Preppers” follows individuals and families as they prepare for various doomsday scenarios, showcasing their strategies, survival gear, and dedication to prepping.

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