Your 72 Hour Prepping Guide

Essential knowledge and emergency equipment to ensure YOU survive the first 3 days after disaster strikes.

Man with backpack - Choosing the best 72 hour kits

Best Pre-Made 72 Hour Kits

Learn how to choose the right 3 day emergency kit for you and your family.

DIY 72 hour bag

Build Your Own 72 Hour Bag

In-depth guide to help you build your own 72 hour kit from scratch, on a budget.

Everyone ‘hopes’ to survive. But sadly most people just won’t do the few basic things required to make sure of it. Humans are lazy, and far too used to the idea that ‘the state’ will always take care of them.

My goal here is to change that. Firstly by showing people some simple changes that massively increase survivability in a disaster situation. Secondly by just focussing on the most vital period (by far), what I call the ‘Panic Window’: The First 72 hours. If you can survive that, you’ll probably be well-equipped to live through whatever comes after.

Scenarios you need to prepare for NOW…

If the Covid 19 insanity taught us nothing else, it should teach us we have no idea what could happen tomorrow.
We have a growing database of articles covering the various types of situations you need to prepare for, and why.
The four most likely scenarios are linked to below. The full list is on the Emergency Scenarios page.

Popular Articles

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What our subscribers are saying:

I’m retired so I watch a lot of news. The last few years gave me a very uneasy feeling about the future especially for my kids. ‘Prepping’ seemed out of reach and a bit kooky to me at first. Now I see that’s not true at all and I’m making up for lost time. Thanks for helping me overcome my own resistance, it’s a lot easier to prepare than I thought it would be.
Anne-Marie Wager
Retired Clerical Worker
As a security expert I thought I’d be pretty ready for most things. This site taught me how wrong I was! It wasn’t fun to learn how UNprepared I am in reality, but it sure was useful. I’m quickly putting plans in place and the articles here helped me make good decisions about where to invest my cash. Hopefully just in time! Thanks Steve.
Dave ATkins
Commercial Security Professional