Prepper’s Guide to Police Go Bag Contents

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For law enforcement officers, a well-equipped shtf bag is a cornerstone of preparedness. This article covers every essential item an officer needs to respond to any situation, from routine patrols to active shooter incidents.

Police Go Bag Contents

Police Go Bag Contents

Firearm and Ammunition

  • Firearm and Rifle: Every officer should have a weapon and, for certain scenarios, a rifle. These are crucial for law enforcement duties, especially in active shooter situations.
  • Ammunition Load-Out: Include spare rounds in magazines for both the pistol and rifle. Ammo pouches on a tactical belt provide quick reload capability.
  • Maintenance Kit: A cleaning kit with wipes is crucial for weapon upkeep, ensuring each officer’s firearm and rifle are operational at all times.
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Tactical Gear and Protection

  • Armor and Plate Carriers: Durable armor or plate carriers are crucial for protection, especially when encountering high-risk calls or active shooter events.
  • Tactical Belt and Gear Pouches: A sturdy tactical belt with pouches allows for efficient carrying of crucial gear, including spare mags and pistol magazines.
  • Tourniquet and Trauma Kit: A comprehensive trauma kit with tourniquets is important for addressing wounds in the field.
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Restraint and Control Equipment

  • Handcuffs and Extra Handcuffs: Multiple sets of handcuffs are a must-have for any officer, allowing for control and detainment of multiple suspects.
  • Pepper Spray: Non-lethal control options like pepper spray are vital for many officers, offering a means to subdue suspects without excessive force.
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Communication and Illumination Tools

  • Portable Radio: A portable radio is critical for maintaining communication with the department and other officers, particularly in emergency response scenarios.
  • Flashlight and Batteries: A high-powered flashlight with spare batteries guarantees visibility in all conditions, a necessity for every cop.
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Medical and Safety Supplies

  • Rubber Gloves and Bandages: Officers should carry rubber gloves for protection against chemicals and bandages for basic wound care.
  • Comprehensive Medical Package: A well-stocked medical kit is a good one to have for addressing injuries, whether to the officer or civilians.

Additional Fundamentals for Preparedness

  • Notebook and Pen: For documenting incidents, a durable notebook and pen are important tools for every officer.
  • Emergency Supplies: Including items like water and snacks in the go bag is crucial for extended duty periods.
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Adaptability for Department and Jurisdiction

  • Jurisdiction-Specific Equipment: The contents of the go bag should be adapted based on the unique needs and threats of the officer’s jurisdiction and department policies.
  • Backup and Patrol Car Gear: Officers should equip their patrol cars with backup gear and additional supplies, ensuring they are prepared for any duty scenario.


This guide provides a detailed look at the essentials for a police go bag, tailored for officers who prioritize preparedness. Covering everything from tactical gear and ammo to medical supplies and communication tools, it guarantees that police officers are comprehensively equipped to respond effectively and safely to any situation in their line of duty, or when disaster strikes

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